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Cooking with Cheese – Lunch of Lamb Leftovers, and Prosecco

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There always lies a problem with those that tend to ‘eat and create like a Barossan’.

Anyone with European blood or has simply rubbed shoulders with us will know that there is never enough food on the table unless it is bowing, heaving and bulging.  Consequently, there’s always enough leftovers for ‘Ron’ – even after your guests have been farewelled bearing foil packages for their supper.

Tomorrow’s lunch

Cold roast lamb √ check

Marinated Feta √ check (a constant in the fridge)

Spinach and mint leaves √ check (looking abundant in the veggie patch)

Olives & cherry tomatoes, red onion, red capsicum (will chargrill), olive oil and cracked pepper √ check

Prosecco check (put in the fridge to chill)

The dressing of cider vinegar, olive oil, yoghurt, brown sugar, ground coriander seed, mustard seed and shallots should polish it off quite nicely.  Combine the ingredients and pile high on a large serving platter, then drizzle the dressing generously over the Leftovers Lunch salad.

Prosecco, Torzi Matthews

Lesser known in the Barossa, but a traditional sparkling wine of Veneto in Northern Italy, the Prosecco is a dry sparkling white wine made from a grape bearing the same name.  I was excited to discover the Eden Valley Prosecco.  Grown just down the road, it is another variety that the Eden Valley cooler climate can boast along with the more conventional Riesling and Shiraz styles.  The crisp, fresh and light characters balance beautifully with rich cold lamb and tangy, salty feta.

Sitting outside, grabbing lunchtime sunrays, accompanied with a warm crusty loaf and lashings of butter (thick enough to see my teeth marks)………… it was the perfect way to indulge just one last time this weekend!

Cheers – from the Wilderness Kitchen, Ingrid


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