“I want to encourage people to explore their own tastebuds”

With a range of nineteen distinctive cheeses, ranging from cows milk to goats milk, Victoria and her team work under strict hygienic conditions in a spotlessly clean environment, demanded by their distinctive artisan cheese styles.

Vache Curd

Barossa Cheese Vache Curd

200gm tubs
An alternative to goat curd, the Vache curd has a firm mousse texture with mild lemon-lime undertones. It can be used with bruschetta, smoked salmon, baked cheesecake, whipped through mashed potatoes, by itself on a cracker or anyway your imagination takes you.
Recipe: Barossa Feta and cherry truss tomato tarts.

Barossa Feta

150g tubs
Soft and creamy on the palate with a slight crumbly texture. Great in salads, dishes that call for ricotta, or marinated in your own oil and spice selection.
Recipe: Barossa Feta and cherry truss tomato tarts

Marinated Barossa Feta

325g tubs
The soft slightly crumbly texture of Barossa Feta is marinated in canola oil, oregano and fresh lemon rind. This adds extra character and flavour to the creamy Barossa Feta. Ideal for spreading on to warm crostini.

Barossa Halloumi

Barossa Cheese Halloumi

150gram pieces
Light, milky and mild in aroma with bright, fresh flavours.  The “squeaky” texture is ideal for lightly frying on the barbeque. Try it with a sprinkling of lemon juice or drizzle with warmed olive oil, cumin and coriander spices.
Vacuum packed for longer shelf life.

Barossa Brie

900-1000gm rounds
Wheel in the traditional Brie style. Pungent aromas of mushroom and forest characters, with a creamy rich texture when mature.

Barossa Camembert

200gram & 125gram
A white mould cheese that is matured for four weeks before being released. This achieves a slight mushroom, fungal aroma with a mild creamy palate that will develop to become full, rich and luscious.

Baby Bert

50-70gm rounds
Mini versions of a Camembert style cheese, these white mould has a slightly firm texture with a mild creamy palate. Ideal for picnics.

Barossa Triple Cream

150gm rounds
A decedent soft white mould cheese with pure cream added to the milk to create a smooth, creamy sweet palate. As this cheese ripens the rind turns truffle-like in flavour with the creamy pate balancing the cheese. Best spread on fresh sourdough and served with a Riesling.

Barossa Geo

Barossa Cheese Geo

125gm rounds
An elegant and sophisticated artisan cheese, satinly smooth texture with a layered flavour of creaminess and complexity.
Made using the very specialist geotrichum bacteria.
Perfectly portioned for two, serve as a table cheese with a glass of champagne or create rusty earthy aromas and texture by warming gently in the oven and spreading over sourdough bread.

Barossa Wanera

Approx. 800gms
Gently washed with brevi linens over a period of two weeks and matured for a minimum of two months to develop a luscious creamy texture.

Barossa Washington

200gm rounds
Made in small rounds that are individually hand washed for two weeks with a special brine solution to develop subtle yeasty aromas. The palate is full and velvety with a mild sweetness. Flavour and complexity develops over time.
2008 Champion Washed rind – Australian Grand Dairy Awards
2007 Champion Washed rind – Australian Grand Dairy Awards
2007 Overall Champion Cheese – Cheesefest 2007

Barossa Washrind

approx 125gm round
A small washed rind cheese with a firm texture. This cheese can be an ideal accompaniment to salamis and mettwurst, displaying bitey, crisp salt characters.

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