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Creating the Perfect Cheese Platter

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We often get asked for tips when creating a cheese platter to take to friends, or indulge in ourselves… so here they are!

When selecting your cheeses go for at least 3 different styles: we recommend a cheddar, a soft and a blue.
Choosing different shapes and colours impact on the plate.

Serving an accompaniment per cheese is ideal. We enjoy pairing savoury (using meats or nuts) and also sweet pairings (quince paste, honey, fruit).
Choosing bright colours adds to your plate. Different textures are also good for making a statement plate.
Important tip – don’t over do the accompaniments, let the cheese be the main event!

Make sure you don’t go too flavoured with your crackers – simple is great! We always say that a cracker is more of a vehicle from the plate to the mouth, we don’t really need to taste it. A watercracker works well as it is a subtle flavour. Scattering over the plate looks good, but don’t over crowd, use a bowl on the side to create more cutting room.

Serving your cheese at room temperature is important, it brings out the flavours and textures of the cheese. On a hot day, 10-15 minutes out of the fridge is more than enough to start kick-starting those flavours.

Providing a knife for each separate cheese to prevent cross over of flavours.

Goodluck! and Merry Christmas :) 


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