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Production News – July 2015

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Both cheesemakers had a few weeks off to rest up big before kicking it into gear for the next few months of cheesemaking – the closer to Christmas we get…. the busier the cheesemakers are!

First on the list – another batch of Barossa Geo! After the last batch looking so beautiful and tasting fantastic, the standard was set high, and the boys didn’t let us down! This batch of Geo is now tasting in the Cheesecellar, and is a crowd favourite!

The recipe is still receiving some tweaks, but the flavours are definitely improving with each batch!!

The cheesemakers have seen a few hiccups with the Cheesecellar Expansion drawing to the end, so a few days off here and there to make sure our cheese isn’t exposed to any building procedures. The excitement of seeing the whole expansion come together is definitely worth having a few days break from making.

With a full team back in the production room, the rest of the month went smoothly and large amounts of cheese were produced in time for our Cheesecellar re-opening on the 22nd of August! Make sure you pop in to see the whole teams work and dedication to creating a beautiful space to enjoy our beautiful cheese.

Until next time,
The Production Crew – Ben, Benson, Tea & Kim :)



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