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Production News – October 2015

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Wow- the months have really flown! October has been a busy month, with production at an all time high! Thankfully the addition of new staff, Ellie (production) and Sonya (wrapping) has helped us get by.
Our focus has been mainly on Feta, She’s Cheese brand & La Dame’s – with our other soft cheeses kicking along nicely too.
Feta and Halloumi turn over is fast – be quick, so you don’t miss out!

As it is goat’s milk season, we are making La Dame’s (our semi-hard Goat’s milk cheese) in large quantities to fill our new maturation room, and stock up for winter, when the soft goat’s cheese isn’t in production. Whilst it may not be exciting for you, as they won’t be eating well for another 12 months or so, it is great to see the massive maturation room with some cheese in it!

This month has seen the first part of Christmas cheese made, it’s scary to think that the silly season is nearly upon us!

Until next time,
The Production Crew – Ben, Benson & Co :)



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