Victoria is only able to work-life balance because of her small, dedicated team. The Sales and Production teams are valuable staff members who enjoy working in a close knit, family oriented business.

“We really care about each other here.
There’s always someone willing to help out.”

Frances and Victoria





Victoria McClurg
Victoria is Mum to Wilbur, a very fast moving and energetic twelve year old who is developing quite a grown up cheese palate. She is also the Director of Barossa Valley Cheese, its head cheesemaker, chief innovator, brand manager and winemaker. Working with a great team who share her passion adds greater meaning to the importance of family and friends and home.

Frances McClurg
Frances thought she had done it all. After raising three children and running a successful business, she was planning to retire and enjoy the fruits of her labour. But when the excited call came from her daughter, Frances knew she would be putting retirement on the back shelf for a while. By the time Victoria returned from Europe, Frances had already enrolled in cheesemaking courses. Her business acumen, hard work and unfaltering enthusiasm have been a vital part of the success of Barossa Valley Cheese. With a good team now in place, Frances is now enjoying her well-earned retirement.

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