Luxury Cheese Hamper
Luxury Cheese Hamper

Luxury Cheese Hamper

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Our luxury cheese hamper makes a decadent gift or the perfect gourmet cheese platter when entertaining, serving at least 20 people. Buy online with delivery to your door.

When you think luxury cheese hamper you think of artisan cheese and the finest condiments. 

Our Barossa Cheese Luxury Hamper includes:

  • Barossa Triple Cream 500g - a luxurious soft whitemould cheese with pure cream added to the milk to create a smooth, creamy sweet palate.
  • La Dame 150g - a rare, semi-hard goat milk cheese matured to mellow and develop complex characters. 
  • Barossa Washington 200g - a washed rind cheese with a sticky, orange mottled rind.
  • Nietschke Barossa Farm 150g - a farmstead cheese with aged personality, a mild aroma and complex flavour balanced by earthiness and nutty, caramel notes on the palate. 
  • Maggie Beer Quince Paste 100g - a complex and intense fruit paste that goes beautifully with our cheese. 
  • Trevallie Orchard Dried Apricots 250g - grown and dried on a family-owned orchard in Angaston, the apricots are tree-ripened, hand picked and sun dried (contains sulphites).
  • Barossa Valley Cheese Co. Crispbreads 100g - a delicious, thin wafer that allows the cheese to shine (gluten free available).

20+ people

Our cheese is hand packed, wrapped in woollen insulation, packed with ice, presented in a white box, and shipped via express post to your door.