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Celebrating Cheese's of Australia

Thursday, December 1, 2016

This month we delved into our own backyard looking at cheeses produced around Australia. We should be proud of the unique range that we have on offer, which are definitely on par with the international selection we tasted last month.

We started off with cheeses from Woombye Cheese Company in Queensland. Woombye offers a very similar selection to what we have at Barossa Cheese, as they produce many great white moulds and washed rinds. We tried their Camembert and Blackall Gold washed rind. The bright orange colour of the Blackall looked fantastic and the ripe camembert was full of flavour.

Next we explored L’Artisan Cheese in Victoria and were very impressed with their French inspired organic cheeses. Their Fermier (a Mobier style washed rind), is such a unique cheese offered in Australia and is both visually appealing and tastes as good as it looks. We also checked out their incredibly oozy Extravagant (triple cream), which was more than perfect smeared on some sourdough.

We then went on to check out Bruny Island Cheese Company based just off the South-Eastern Coast of Tasmania. They produce some very special and unique cheeses with a huge focus on creating cheese that really displays the characteristics of the region and geography. They are also one of the only producers of a raw milk cheese in Australia. It was very exciting to try their raw milk C2 cheese, and we also explored their 1972 brine washed cheese and their Saint white mould. All delicious!

After going interstate, we travelled a lot closer to home to the Adelaide Hills in South Australia, to try Section 28’s Mont Priscilla (Morbier style) and Il Lupo (cider washed semi-hard). Both perfect to add to any platter, these two are definitely great additions to South Australia’s cheese list. We have even added the Il Lupo to our own shelves at Barossa Cheese and it is a very popular addition.

One obvious commonality to each of these cheese companies is that they all understand the importance of using locally sourced milk and supporting these regional farmers. Using good quality local milk sourced from happy animals, enables these cheeses to express the unique characteristics distinctive to the individual region’s terroir. Following these sustainable practices allows these cheeses to be produced with integrity and full flavour. Australia offers so many great cheeses and we can’t wait to explore more!