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I want to encourage people to explore their own tastebuds.Victoria McClurg – Director

Barossa Valley Cheese Company hand-makes a range of nineteen distinctive cheese.

These cows milk cheese and goats milk cheese include:

  • Fresh cheese (better known as curd, feta and halloumi)
  • Whitemould cheese (including brie, camembert and more)
  • Washed rind cheese 
  • Semi matured cheese

Learn about our cheese range, the flavour profiles of each of our different cheese, how to use each cheese, what to serve it with, as well as the best wine and cheese pairings - from the creator of cheese with a winemakers degree!

All our cheese are gluten free and use vegetarian rennet.

Visit us at our Cheesecellar for free tastings of our delicious cheese, to watch it being made and to enjoy a range of other eat-in experiences.