Coffee Lovers Cheese Pack

Coffee Lovers Cheese Pack

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This pack excites us… possibly too much – as it is no secret that we are all coffee lovers here at the Cheesery. The Sartori Espresso Bellavitano is one of our favourite imported cheese that we stock. So we have created this pack around showcasing the beautiful flavours of this cheese; we have paired it with our Triple Cream, chocolate coated coffee beans and Carter’s coffee liqueur.

Sartori suggest that the Espresso Bellavitano is the perfect cheese for breakfast or dessert… so unless you love a cocktail with your breakfast, this is our dessert cheese plate. Add some fresh fruit, like thinly sliced apples and this plate will just have you sitting back and relaxing in no time.

Our Coffee lovers cheese Pack contains:

  • Barossa Triple Cream 150g
  • Barossa Activated Charcoal Crispbreads 100g
  • Carter’s Original Coffee Liqueur 200ml
  • Milk Chocolate coated coffee beans 125g
  • Sartori Espresso Bellavitano cheese 120g

Serves 1… just kidding, you can share… with roughly 5 friends.  


Our cheese is hand packed, wrapped in woollen insulation, packed with ice, presented in a white box, and shipped via express post to your door.