Deck the Halls with Christmas Cheese

Deck the Halls with Christmas Cheese

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The cheese gift box to top all cheese gift boxes. Packed full of luxurious and delicious goodies, this is the perfect grazing plate for the coming silly season! 2020 is a year that is well and truly worth celebrating getting through and why not do that with all your friends and family.

Deck the Halls pack includes:

  • Barossa Cheese Triple Cream 500g
  • Alexandrina Cheese Co Vintage Cheddar Medallion 1.2kg approx 
  • Fig and Almond Seeded Crisps 100g
  • Buzz Honey honeycomb 150g 
  • Relish the Barossa fruit paste 100g
  • Barossa Crispbreads 100g
  • Activated Charcoal Crispbreads 100g
  • Dried Orange Slices 25g 
  • Chocolate coated cherries 150g 
  • Spiced Nuts 125g 
  • Salted Seed Crackers 60g
  • Salted Pretzels 50g
  • Milk Chocolate Pretzels 100g

20+ people

Our cheese is hand packed, wrapped in woollen insulation, packed with ice, presented in a white box, and shipped via express post to your door.