Vintage Cheese Lover

Vintage Cheese Lover

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The perfect Cheese combination for the Vintage cheese lover. A half wheel of Alexandrina Cheddar Medallion, matured for 12 months – this cheddar is made with pure rich Jersey Milk from the rolling hills of Alexandrina Cheese Company. Their cloth bound cheddar made in traditional Cheddaring techniques has an intricate and well-developed flavour profile. This is the perfect after dinner pack to serve with a rich Barossa red or a cellared fortified.

Vintage Cheese Lover pack contains:

  • Alexandrina Vintage Cheddar Medallion (half wheel approx. 600g)
  • Torzi Matthew Olives 500g
  • Barossa Crispbreads 100g
  • Dried Muscatels 100g
  • Barossa Valley Produce Pickled Onion 250g 

20+ people

Our cheese is hand packed, wrapped in woollen insulation, packed with ice, presented in a white box, and shipped via express post to your door.