Oh Holey Christmas Cheese

Oh Holey Christmas Cheese

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This delicious cheese gift pack has sweet but simple ingredients making your cheese the hero of the table. Our Barossa Triple Cream is a Christmas must have, serving with Buzz honeycomb and dried Strawberries. Paired with Alexandrina Vintage Cheddar – it will be a hit with any crowd.

Oh Holey Christmas Cheese pack contains:

  • Barossa Triple Cream 500g
  • Alexandrina Vintage Cheddar ½ medallion 600g approx.
  • Buzz honeycomb 150g
  • Dried Strawberries 50g
  • Activated Crispbreads 100g 
  • Barossa Crispbreads 100g 

20+  people

Our cheese is hand packed, wrapped in woollen insulation, packed with ice, presented in a white box, and shipped via express post to your door.