Celebrating Cheese of Australia

This month we delved into our own backyard looking at cheeses produced around Australia. We should be proud of the unique range that we have on offer, which are definitely on par with the international selection we tasted last month.

We started off with cheeses from Woombye Cheese Company in Queensland. Passionate cheesemakers since 2013 on the Sunshine Coast Hinterland. Collecting local milk and using traditional methods with care and experience. Woombye offers a very similar selection to what we have at Barossa Cheese, as they produce many great white moulds and washed rinds. We tried their Camembert and Blackall Gold washed rind. The bright orange colour of the Blackall looked fantastic and the ripe camembert was full of flavour, its silky centre was a stand out! 

L’Artisan Cheese are producers of organic French cheese styles based in Victoria. Only using single herd local organic milk and hand making products to reflect the terroir of the Great Ocean Road. Our tastebuds took us on a journey, tasting the Extravagant (Triple Cream), best served with a glass of bubbles!! The biggest treat was the Fermier, a strong tasty washed rind semi-hard.

Bruny Island Cheese Co is an artisan cheese maker in Southern Tasmania. They make and mature their cheeses in traditional techniques and make some of the finest cheeses in Australia. Connecting with the Tasmanian characters, they use both cows and goats milk to make their range of cheese. Our tastebuds enjoyed the delicious and ripe flavours of the 1792 (soft washed rind) and the Saint (white mould). Both nicely pungent and sung out for a glass of wine!! The C2 (raw cows milk, hard cheese) was sweet and nutty and very exciting to taste. 

Section 28 are the new kids on the South Australian cheese block! Based in Woodside, their cheese is inspired by the terroir of the Adelaide Hills and they are already winning plenty of accolades. Section 28 has a growing range of hard cheese—which we thoroughly enjoy pairing with our soft cheese range! Introducing a new flavour: il Lupo (the wolf), a cider washed cheese. Apple cider is a flagship in the Adelaide Hills, so the pairing seems very natural. The Mont Priscilla is made in a morbier style with that trademark line of ash through the centre.
We really enjoy seeing what Kym is up to, his cheese range will only grow, as will his list of awards! 

We really could have mentioned every cheese producer in Australia, but we only had a month! We have loved exploring and looking into other producers styles. As our focus is mainly soft cheese, it has been great finding harder styles to pair with and enjoy on our cheese plates this month!