Our Cheese

"I want to encourage people to explore their own tastebuds."
- Victoria McClurg, Director

With a range of distinctive cheese, ranging from cows milk and goats milk, Victoria and her team work under strict hygienic conditions in a spotlessly clean environment, demanded by their distinctive artisan cheese styles. The production facilities adjoin the Cheesecellar, with a live stream playing in the Cheesecellar so we can show you easily how our cheese is made.

Fresh cheese 

Barossa Feta150gm tub

Soft and creamy on the palate with a slight crumbly texture and sharp zesty zing. Great in salads, dishes that call for ricotta, or marinated in your own oil and spice selection. Treat yourself to a dry apple cider for a delicious pairing. 
2018 DIAA Australian Dairy Product Competition – Silver

Barossa Halloumi - 150gm 

Light, milky and mild in aroma with bright, fresh flavours. The "squeaky" texture is ideal for lightly pan frying. Try it with a sprinkling of lemon juice or drizzle with warmed olive oil, cumin and coriander spices. Vacuum packed for longer shelf life. Best served with a refreshing ale. 
2018 DIAA Australian Dairy Product Competition – Gold. 



Babybert - 50gm rounds

Mini versions of our Camembert style cheese, these white moulds have a slightly firm texture with a mild creamy palate. Ideal for picnics or a snack for two! Serve with a piccolo of Sparkling. 

Barossa Brie - 200gm or 1000gm rounds

Wheel in the traditional Brie style. Pungent aromas of mushroom and forest characters that develop with age. As the cheese ripens the texture becomes rich, creamy and oozy. The perfect match to Chardonnay. 

Barossa Camembert - 125gm or 200gm rounds

As this whitemould cheese ripens, it develops slight earthy, mushroom aromas with a mild creamy palate. When eaten closer to best before date the flavours become full, creamy and luscious when served at room temperature. Enjoy with a glass of Chardonnay or two. 
2019 SA Dairy Awards, Royal Adelaide Show  – Silver 

Barossa Triple Cream - 150gm rounds

A luxurious soft whitemould cheese with pure cream added to the milk to create a smooth, creamy sweet palate. As this cheese ripens the rind turns truffle-like in flavour with the creamy pate balancing the cheese. Best spread on fresh sourdough and served with a Riesling. 
2019 SA Dairy Awards, Royal Adelaide Show  – Top Gold & 2018 SA Dairy Awards, Royal Adelaide Show - Gold. 


La Petite Princesse - 140gm rounds

This satiny-smooth classic Camembert is all about the goat with a tangy rustic flavour with hints of lemon and hay. As these cheese mature, the flavours become very intense and powerful with a flavour that lingers long after the cheese is enjoyed. Available Spring - Autumn. Nothing beats enjoying a ripe oozy Princesse with a cup of Monks tea. 


Little Kid - 50gm rounds

A mini-sized goats Camembert with a tangy rustic flavour and hints of lemon and hay. As these cheese mature, the flavours become very intense and powerful with a flavour that lingers long after the cheese is enjoyed. Available Spring - Autumn. 


Barossa Wanera - 800gm loaves

A washed rind cheese that becomes pungent, yeasty, nutty and oozy with age. Screaming out for a glass of Barossa's finest Grenache. 


Barossa Washington - 200gm rounds

A washed rind cheese with a sticky, orange mottled rind. The palate is full and velvety with a mild sweetness and pungent yeasty aroma. Flavour and complexity develops over time as the cheese ripens. Best served with a Cabernet. 
Australian Grand Dairy Awards 2008 Champion Washed rind, Australian Grand Dairy Awards 2007 Champion Washed rind & Cheesefest 2007 Overall Champion Cheese. 

Barossa Washrind - 125gm rounds

A small washed rind cheese with pungent yeasty aromas. Flavour and complexity develops over time as the cheese ripens. Perfect with a glass of Barossa Grenache. 


La Dame - 150gm pieces

A rare, semi-hard goat milk cheese matured to mellow and develop yeasty aromas, flaky textures and a savoury, nutty finish. Enjoy with a sparkling wine or dry rose. 
SA Dairy Awards 2019, Royal Adelaide Show - Silver. 

La Dame (aged 4 years) 

Developed through the desire to extend the longevity of our goat milk supply through the winter months, this cheese is produced using aromatic, swiss style cultures. Peter Gilmore says, "The thing about the Aged La Dame that really struck us as judges was the incredible intensity of flavour and a really unusual, crumbly texture. It's a style of cheese that I haven't really seen made before in Australia, let alone with such skill. The cheese really is quite unique and makes for a special addition to a comprehensive cheese plate; because of its intensity, it stands out and is able to stand on its own".
Delicious Produce Awards 2021 - From the Dairy Winner. 

Nietschke Farm Cheese 

This farmstead cheese has an aged personality. The aroma is mild and the flavour is complex with a balanced earthiness and nutty, caramel notes on the palate. Pairs perfectly to a Grenache Rose. Currently available at The Cheesecellar only.