Le Petit Prince returns

With the return of goats milk into the Cheesery, the Barossa Valley cheesemakers have made the full line up.

  • La Dame (our semi-matured goats cheese that will age in the maturation cellar for 9+ months before it is released).
  • La Petite Princesse (our soft delicious goats milk camembert, that matures into a tangy, rustic classic soft goats cheese with hints of lemon and hay). 
  • NEW! Le Petit Prince (our soft mellow goats washed rind cheese with a subtle crust and creamy heart). 
  • NEW! Little Kid (a mini soft goats camembert). 

The Prince and Little Kid are well loved lines that were retired for a few seasons of goats milk, but have now returned for good! Pop into our Cheesecellar and request a tasting! 

These and all Barossa Cheese lines are available throughout independent stores across Australia. For your closest stockist please search.