Ricotta at Home

Cooking Ricotta at Home Recipe:

Equipment & Ingredients:

2 Litres of un-homogenised milk
Medium sized pot
Colander/strainer and a bowl for drips
Slotted Spoon
Vinegar 50ml
Cool boiled water (straight from your kettle) 25-30ml
Salt, to taste

Heat 2 litres of milk on your hot plate, stirring gently until the temperature reaches 90.C.
Stirring prevents the milk from burning on the base of the pan.
Swiftly stir in approximately 50mls of vinegar diluted with 50 mls of water.
This will cause the milk to coagulate and the curd to rise to the surface.
Allow pot to sit for about 30 seconds.
Scoop the curds from the surface with a slotted spoon and put into your colander
(have your drop bowl underneath before you start)!!
This will separate your curds from your whey—and there you have it—ricotta!
Ready to eat while warm, or put into the fridge to keep until needed.
Best consumed fresh (1-2 days).