Something else from the Barossa you can mature

Like a fine wine, our Barossa Valley washed-rind cheese develops with age. So, you can either enjoy it young and yeasty or let it reward your patience with some pungent complexity. And while you're down in the cellar, grab a bottle of Barossa Grenache for the perfect partnership. 

Meet our washed rind family:

Barossa Wanera
A washed rind cheese that becomes pungent, yeasty, nutty and oozy with age. Screaming out for a glass of Barossa’s finest Grenache.

Barossa Washington & Barossa Washrind
These washed rind cheese have a sticky, orange mottled rind. The palate is full and velvety with a mild sweetness and pungent yeasty aromas. Flavour and complexity develops over time as the cheese ripens. Best served with a Cabernet.
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