The Nietschke Dairy

The crème de la crème of milk suppliers. 

From day one, Victoria has partnered with local Barossa farming family the Nietschke's, for supply of premium cows' milk. This close relationship ensures the highest quality milk, perfect for cheesemaking.

Jamie Nietschke is a fifth generation Barossan, and seventh generation farmer who lives with his family at Koonunga (about 15km from the Cheesecellar) looking after their mixed farming property with cows and vineyards. Jamie is an innovative farmer who seeks out better ways to farm and more sustainable business practises. He invests in himself and his community, aligning him as a great partner for the Barossa Valley Cheese Company.

Jamie’s parents started milking cows on the farm in 1969 – Jamie and his wife Annaliese and the two children have managed the property under their own business since 2009; producing fresh cows milk and premium wine grapes. 

They have been the sole milk supplier to Barossa Cheese since inception. Jamie recalls his father, John, met Victoria at a local conference where initial discussions began. From there we started supplying milk to Victoria and her mum, Frances, initially for some home trial batches until the Cheesecellar was built. 
Our semi-matured cows milk cheese has been named the Barossa Nietschke Farm Cheese in celebration of our ongoing relationship with the Nietschke family - this is a semi-matured cows milk cheese that is currently in maturation. We aim to release this at 2 years old, but we will keep you posted... 
Our cows milk range is made with 100% Barossa cows milk from the Nietschke's dairy - we think that is pretty special. 
Our cows milk cheese range:
The whitemoulds
Barossa Camembert
Barossa Brie
Barossa Triple Cream
The fresh cheese
Barossa Feta
Barossa Marinated Feta
Barossa Halloumi 
Barossa Halloumi with Oregano
Vache Curd
The washed rinds
Barossa Washington
Barossa Wanera 
Barossa Washrind 
Nietschke Farm Cheese - yet to be released. 
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