Winter Warmers

Winter is truly here and cooking with cheese is one of our favourite ways to warm up. 

A super easy and effective recipe is the Baked Camembert and there are many many ways to pull off this dish!

Firstly think of the flavours you wish to enhance the cheese with... think of the serving size and how many people you are catering and then follow our baking guide below:

A ripe cheese will need less baking time... so if a cheese is soft when squeezed gently, and has a slight aroma through the packaging, the cheese should be on its way to being ripe... 

A mild young cheese will need to be baked further... so a firm Camembert is likely to be young in age and still requiring maturation time to gather its flavours. You can still bake a mild Camembert, but the flavour will be more subtle... 

Finally, a thing to remember is the larger the cheese, the longer the bake time! 

Ripe cheese.  Mild cheese. 
125gm Barossa Camembert 10 minutes 20 minutes
200gm Barossa Camembert 20 minutes 30 minutes
150gm Triple Cream 10 minutes 15 minutes
500gm Triple Cream 20 minutes 30 minutes
1kg Barossa Brie 20 minutes 30 minutes 


This is our guide to baking our Barossa Cheese, other cheese brands may vary... pre-heat your oven to 180.C and place cheese on a piece of baking paper or in a cheese baking dish. 

Dressing your cheese

Flavour combos may include but are definitely not limited to... 

  • Wrap your Camembert in Prosciutto until all the sides are covered, season with a sprig of thyme and bake. 
  • Sprinkle roughly crushed walnuts over your Camembert and add fresh fruits (think blueberries or blackberries) bake for the time on the above chart, then drizzle with honey and bake a further 2 minutes. 
  • This one needs a deep pan - a generous splash of red wine over a scored Camembert, pop in some garlic cloves and bake. 
  • Wrapped in Careme Pastry, brush with egg and bake for 35 minutes. See full recipe here

All best served with crusty bread, that you dip into your cheese... enjoy!